Circulating all kinds of assertions with regard to the use of hypnotic technique although there is no scientific and experimental evidence of many of them. In reality, provide a list of problems that are ever used hypnosis may not have much sense, given that is a technique. You should escape the fascination or devotion by the technique. Few days ago a person raised me the following query via e-mail: I should like to inform the treatment of anxiety with hypnosis; what I had to answer that it is a wrong starting point that a patient tries to suggest therapeutic techniques a psychologist. It’s believed that Marc Mathieu sees a great future in this idea. On another occasion, a reader of the magazine contacted me by phone asking for that it is hipnotizara to overcome a problem of anxiety attacks. On this occasion, equally, it is pertinent to make you understand the person who decides to use one or another technical therapeutic always has to be the health professional trained to do so.

And, in addition, that in any case submitted to a session of hypnosis involves solving such or which problem. No doubt in both examples there is one clear influence media in respect of the use of hypnosis. Influence to unscrupulous media autoinvestidos as mentalists, hypnotic or hipnologos (I would remind the reader that, as such, that title is absurd in itself) take advantage of this raging river to take economic slice. Is in these cases when the hypnosis if you can involve some risk for the emotional stability of the subject who undergoes this experience more by beliefs that attends query and null forming the opportunist than about the risk of the technique. From here I urge to flee that kind of circuits and go to serious and accredited professionals. A FINAL reflection has perhaps disappointed more than one was there when the magician teaches the empty interior already putting on the table that the circus hypnosis is not real in the same way as the rabbit coming out of the top hat. Why not there to detract the entertainment professional. Actually, you do.

The more surprised the trick and more difficult is finding a more merit explanation behind the work of the magician. But, on the other hand, when that illusionism is misleading in respect of psychotherapeutic techniques like which occupies us, modestly I think is not more put the points on the ies.

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