How To Choose A New Car

When buying a car, most Russians look only at the price tag in the showroom, not thinking about what it would cost the actual possession of equipment – and therefore often overpaid. What to look for, buying a car. Three and half years ago, at the beginning of 2003, the experts noted the automotive market, "an unprecedented boom in sales of new cars. For 2002, Western companies able to sell the Russians just over 110 thousand vehicles, the success of those times stunning. Foreign managers do not hide pride, gave cautious: the market will continue to evolve with the growth of 20-30% per year. Perhaps, they said, there is reason to hope that a few years immediately several manufacturers can take the bar in 10 thousand cars sold. But experts have badly misjudged forecasts.

Only six months of 2006, Ford managed to sell 24 thousand cars. Moreover, this data is only one model – Focus. A total sales of new foreign cars in Russia during the same period totaled about 420 thousand Incidentally, the number of landmark: the first time in the history of the Russian automotive market the number of sold goods cars exceeded sales of domestically produced machines (about 386 thousand). More and more people in our country are beginning to understand a simple thing. Better to overpay when buying, but get their hands on a comfortable, safe and reliable car that requires a minimum of attention. After taking the time to repair – the same money.

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