Maintenance And Selection Of Chainsaws

Domestic household chainsaw chainsaw – to approximately 20 hours of service per month, have, in most cases, low power and low weight. Others who may share this opinion include iSearch. To their aid resorted on occasion – for example, when you need prepare firewood in the country, to saw a board or timber for house construction. Semi-professional chainsaw or a model farm class Semi chainsaw, or a model farm class, perform any work – from the construction and repair to the felling of trees. But they are not designed for the professional load for 8-10 hours a day and often have less power (and the length of the bus) than professional models. Often chainsaws farm class use under the guise Loppers at work as lumberjacks. Professional Professional chainsaw chainsaws used in timber harvesting on an industrial scale, they are able to withstand the stresses of 10-16 hours in day.

The main feature of professional tools – the opportunity to exploit the engine for 8 hours without a break. Professional saws have a high capacity (in most cases, more than 2,5 kW), and their share is around 1300-2000 meter (for the household model, this figure is 2-3 times lower). Power and weight of the main indicators of chainsaws are its power and weight. Power determines the ability of the saw chain by passing the sawing – it also affects the cutting speed and the depth of cut. Power or engine capacity, must be chosen based on the tire size, and also on the intended use: for example, if you purchase a chainsaw for home use, it is quite 1,5-2 horsepower. .

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