Mobile Phone And Prepaid 2013

What has changed in the field of mobile radio-new year? With the turn of the year, there is usually always a slew of new regulations that come into force by law or regulation and which also affect the mobile sector. New budget providing the biggest innovation will be probably the refactoring of the GEZ fee. From 2013, it will levy more give no GALORE but one so-called broadcasting contribution, which will be charged monthly. The GEZ fee to the existence of a receiver was coupled formerly. If you had only radio or a PC, paid the reduced fee, who owned a television, pays the full contribution. This has now changed.

Regardless of the presence of a device, all households pay the full contribution of 17.98 euros per month. While it doesn’t matter how many people in a household. Per household is billed only once. Individuals are disadvantaged as a result somewhat. The fee for the smartphones in the mobile sector changed by these new rules. Modern mobile phones are considered to be novel Broadcasting receiver and were settled with the discounted GEZ fee. With the new model, it makes no difference, whether you have a mobile phone or not, the full amount is charged more per household. The year could be falling telephone charges falling interconnection fees in 2013.

The Federal Network Agency has drastically lowered the fees that mobile operators themselves can settle. The charges so far amounted to more than 3 cents per minute, only 1.79 and 1.89 cent per minute are emoglich with the new charges (depending on the provider). The fees are used to the billing of services with each other. A Telecom phone customers for example in the network of Vodafone, Vodafone equivalent of Telekom may charge in it. Decrease these charges, there is scope for tariff reductions. The Federal Network Agency’s decision was announced in November, so far, there are unfortunately still no responses to it. In the prepaid field some vendors arrive already this lower limit. To you on the phone with the new prepaid card from Kaufhof (Galeriamobil) only for 5 cents a minute with no monthly fee or a contract. Even without the lower charges, such tariffs are already possible. It should be only a matter of time until 2013 which come first tariff reductions. LTE was introduced as width technology 2012 LTE as technology, but until now it was only available in the metropolitan areas and the white patches. 2013, the operators intend to expand the coverage. Vodafone has for example until end of 2012 all cities provided with at least 100,000 inhabitants, as well as the Telecom. In the course of the year should more and more areas are closed and with a little luck the costs for LTE continue to decline. Bastian Ebert

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