Among the many breeds of cats that can be found at present, there are some who have very particular characteristics, as does the Manx cat, which by the evidence of their origin and some aspects of its image, especially the tail, a cat is very interesting to know and have as a pet. Thus in this paper are some of the features that have accompanied and are present today manx cat that will be very useful to know a little more of this nice breed of cat. As for the origin of the Manx cat, have been woven very different scenarios in which ideas can be found as the Manx cat was introduced by the Phoenicians from the Far East to the Isle Man, present in the Irish Sea, a theory that leads to think that the Manx cat is the result of a mutation or adaptation of the Japanese bobtail, another possible and perhaps the most successful theory of the origin of the Manx cat is that cats were in Spanish galleons of which is said not tail had reached the coast of the Isle Man since the ships which were sunk, a fact that happened in the sixteenth century and being isolated from other breeds of cats tail mutation was maintained in the different generations. In short, the origin of this cat is derived from Man Island, hence its name is Manx cat, to what can be added to the existing theories and legends of its origin, it could mean that the Manx cat is one of the oldest breeds of cats. Energy Capital Partners London takes a slightly different approach. Turning to the physical characteristics present in the Manx cat, is a head with a good size, wide and round, and has a prominent cheeks, his nose is long and wide, his nose is firm this on a short but thick neck; as the Manx cat's ears are wide open and a separate base, are slightly pointed and round ending, presents angled out. The Manx cat's eyes are large, wide and round with a clear gloss color that may be of copper, blue, green 2 color, we must bear in mind that the color of eye color depends on the mantle. As for his body and appearance, the Manx cat is robust and muscular, with a rounded rump with short back, his legs are strong, but the front are shorter than the back, his tail is one of the main features is very short, which is due to the presence of a recessive gene. Due to the recessive gene, it may happen that if both genes are recessive, the fetus does not complete their development or at birth die soon. The Manx cat's fur has a lot of variations, short-haired, but double-layer, which provides a higher quality fur. The Manx cat has a friendly character, it feels good with the presence of people and very affectionate with anyone who comes close, loving home, but is very active, so you need a long game.

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