Quality-oriented Reporting Of IT Services

Method of ITSM Consulting AG allows a targeted differentiation and leads to more descriptive report information Beratungshaus ITSM Consulting AG has developed an innovative reporting method for IT services for quality control. It is a response that reports are often not service or customer, perform content not differentiated for the various addressees, and are unrelated to the day-to-day IT processes that provide the services. As a result, the conventional reports remain significantly restricted in their commercial value and as a tool for quality control. As important methodological approach the figures are divided in their definition in four types, to later enable a target group-specific reporting. This includes the figures for the processes, operational level, services and business. Also a distinction between control and KPI KPIs is done. Thus, a modular and in addition verfeinerbares on demand reporting is possible the be precise focus on the needs of different target groups can be. These different people on the one hand are the process owners and process manager.

You must be supplied with the respective information about the current objectives with regard to the objectives of the process. The process managers need also still frequently for more detailed information about their process, can it control objective and ensure a smooth. The team leader and people more addressees of the reports which have a need for detailed information about a service or to the responsible team. Another feature of the IT quality of service reporting of ITSM Consulting AG method is the so-called KPI fact sheet. In it, more than a dozen attributes are defined, clearly define each key figure.

The report gives a much larger significance than usual. In addition explicit target groups can be selected in the KPI profiles for specific KPIs, which is not in the Default schema are included. Among the key advantages of the IT-quality-oriented service reporting: mutually process and service quality: If all processes achieve their goals, the quality of the service complies with the requirements. Overhead arms realization: it is developed a report template for all services that can then be reused for all other services. At a glance all critical success factors: by use of different code types and classification of control and KPI KPIs maximum transparency generated by the reports target groups. Understanding of the figures: also the KPIs are collected automatically, can be explained manually. 13 Month reporting: it trends and a comparison of the current month with the month of the last year are displayed. This structure enables a modular and very target-specific reporting, content provides descriptive and thus demand information to the respective addressee”, explains Frank Zielke, Board of Directors of ITSM Consulting AG. The different methodological specificities cause a service reporting that significantly more precisely aligned and much more meaningful is to meet the needs of power control in the IT service management than previous solutions.”

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