Ronaldo Luiz Nazrio

15 minutes in field, place had been alone where ours affectionately ‘ ‘ moleque’ ‘ more it shone in last the 18 years of searchlights of its career, most of this time placing in polvorosa zagueiros and goleiros. It had three possibilities of goal, did not convert, but he was 1×0 for Brazil, goal of Fred. It has who says that Ronaldo did not mark to please Zagallo, fan of number 13. Ronaldo was born in 22/9, that of the 13, in the year of 76, that of the 13 and gols left the Election with 67, that also adds 13, if made plus one would take off the mstico number of ‘ ‘ old Lobo’ ‘ Well, before they ask if we speak of Pantries or alone we go ‘ ‘ babar’ ‘ the farewell, now for the Election Canarinho, of the Ronaldo Phenomenon, we even advance that the history of Ronaldo is only in Pantries, surpassing numbers of the biggest player of all the times, the miner of Three Hearts, Skin, that if it projected in the Saints. By the way, in these things that the destination to the part of the propitious soccer, the Ronaldo Carioca if projected exactly in Mines, to the 17 years, joining itself literally to the stars of the Cruise of Belo Horizonte. I am not rolling. In 50, Skin, to the 9 years, swore to the father (that the defeat in the Pantry for Uruguay cried) that would make champion Brazil, made three times! With 17 years, in 58, 62 and 70, thus writing its history in four Pantries for Election, making 12 gols in all they, being that in 14 disputed games, Skin marked in eight.

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