Stock Market

The time of day more suitable, regardless of the first hour or at the close of the market, would be one in which the combination of the purchase of the action and the corresponding put contract you greater protection and better possibilities for obtaining fast gains. The problem is that nobody can be all day looking minute which is that moment. Luckily the online stockbrokers more complete, allow you to place orders automated buying and selling to this same end. This works in the following way: you fill out the forms of opening of operations and placed a price limit operation to unfold. In the moment in which the combination of actions and the Put contract reach at that price, automatically makes the purchase. Do to never reach that price, the operation does not undertake that day in this way, that is the best way to buy shares and Put options to protect your money, do not need to take into account the aperture value, maximum, minimum or the closing value also asks me to sell to whom such action? You only have to fill the form of sale and that action will sell.

If you want to sell at market price, probably will sell immediately. If you want to establish a price specific or goal to sell it, you will need to wait the action is marketed at that price. Additional information is available at Robotics. Do for more preguntas-y-respuestas-para-invertir-en-bolsa-sin-riesgo click here other extra question: the course contemplates technical analysis? how they are interpreted and how the different graphics, patterns of change, continuity models, technical indicators, averages phones, indicators of volatility, etc. are The course of bag MPMG contemplates the most powerful strategy of investment in protective carry bag. In practice, most of the people who are interested in this form of investing more safe, subscribes to the membership of the MPMG reports of Maxima Proteccion and maximum profits whose information can get it by visiting: MPMG reports with regard to your question, the MPMG reports are based on the detection of the best combinations of actions and Puts contracts and always take into account actions with upward trend. If you are a connoisseur of technical analysis and other tools, quietly could combined with the information provided by the MPMG reports. A related site: Ali Partovi mentions similar findings. But are actually not needed him, because the MPMG reports give you the information needed to open the best operations if same. For more profit and less risk! Alejandro Tugender Experto in investment safe stock broker when it is better to buy shares stock exchange invest in stock market course

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