The Introduction

Increase productivity. Will the introduction of the drive increases the performance of existing equipment? Effect = Income from implementation of additional product produced – the costs associated with an increase in the volume of production (materials, energy, etc.). 2. Reducing consumption of raw materials. Does the introduction of hr cost of raw materials and consumables materials? Effect = Cost of materials + cost savings associated with waste management + costs associated with the acquisition of materials saved. 3. Reducing electricity. Does the introduction of hr savings? Saving energy = saving associated with a decrease in speed (compared to the existing system of regulation) – Losses in the inverter, cables, etc. The effect of = energy savings * Cost electricity. 4. Reduce costs associated with downtime. Does the introduction of hr reduction in downtime? Functionality of the drive can reduce downtime. Effect = “buy time” / work time per year * annual gross profits. 5. Does the introduction of hr decline of marriage? Effect = Cost of Marriage * Reduction of marriage. The cost of marriage can be considered equal to the product cost + disposal costs + profits. 6

. Reducing costs personnel. Does the introduction of hr staff time savings? Effect = Time saved / Working hours per year * Annual costs per employee. 7. Reduce the cost of repairs. Does the introduction of hr reduction in the cost of repairs? Smooth start / stop, skip the resonant frequency, reducing speed to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and repair costs. The effect is measured by an experienced putem.8. Optimization of conjugate processes. Need to assess the effect of using the drive at the facility for work associated processes (“forward” and “back” on the process). Effect, most often, should be evaluated per unit of output (final) products. 9. Extend the life of the equipment. Smooth start / stop, skip the resonant frequency, the decrease in speed and so extend the life of the equipment (eg, electric). Effect = Cost of capital invested in equipment * Increase life. 10. Improved product quality. Does the introduction of the drive to improve the quality of products? Is it possible to “sell” the best quality? If not, whether it is possible to organize the process so that the quality was on the “acceptable” level, but reaching effects on other indicators. For each application the drive may allocate direct and indirect effects.

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