The Rest Of The Warrior

After a year of intense work, complicated situations, happy moments and some not so, changes, the time comes for the warrior to rest after spending by these large battles that some came out victorious and other defeated. The Warrior knows that the time to hang up his armor and leave weapons aside and sit and take stock of everything that has lived now. Time to do a review of all those battles which has waged and extract all the positive side of each one of them, them have won or lost. He knows that winning or losing sometimes is question of random, others of sacrifice, struggle and desire that makes things, when the Warrior puts all your passion the result is no longer important thing. a-gtc-t/’>Jacobs Dallas sought to clarify these questions. For even more analysis, hear from Energy Capital Partners. When the Warriors start the path towards a goal reaching the destination is not important but everything you live until they reach her. How many times we have achieved our goal and achieved once us has managed a little, how many times we have structured in our head as it would be to get that promotion, personal or professional, go out with that girl/or and once success got us were disappointed because what had imagined was best to what is the reality, perhaps if we knew from the first moment as it would be the feeling of achieving it had withdrawn to start the trip. Growth of warriors is based on all experiences living and not in the battles that win, the success is the result of that long journey undertaken continuously in which fought a thousand battles and each of them are able to learn everything that shows you the battle. Warrior not seeking happiness, when you search for happiness suffers by not getting it as we imagine it is, happiness are moments of a battle, are moments of a life, ephemeral, that last seconds, minutes, hours happiness that fills the Warrior after winning the battle fades with the wind, since the next day should undertake the March towards another more difficult than the previous battle.

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