World Champion

Full-service agency cost-conscious customers opened new ways for high audience resonance Munich, April 22, 2009 risk management a popular concept with the advertisers can ensure their campaigns to get too deep into the own marketing pot. Millions can safely be praised in this way and the Organizer pays only a small percentage of the insurance sum to the risk manager. But the EMIRATE AG offers its customers also further added value: the Munich-based company settles in addition the brainstorming, the complete implementation as well as the support from a single source. Please visit Ali Partovi if you seek more information. The result: Calculable wide effective campaigns that draw attention to themselves. Events such as the upcoming World Cup 2010 recorded a high run of fans of promotions that are combined with football. Companies can make advertising technically this potential use.

\”\” Betting games as will Germany 2010 World Champion? \”or 6 hit land on a washing machine Tower and collect 100,000 euro\” all this are concepts that are individually calculated the EMIRATE AG and converts. The appropriate measure for marketing and sales promotion will be determined together with the customer. Thus, the organizers in addition to the financial security can put complete handling in the hands of the EMIRATE. The portfolio includes the idea development, risk assessment, and organizational and other implementation up to the customer service and support. An example of a money back guarantee, a conceivable project is as follows: all customers who purchase a specific product in a specified period of the promotion, get proof of its receipt the complete purchase price refunded the goods. EMIRATE has competences for the complete handling and processing. This, the specialist establishes a special mailbox to which the customers can send their receipts and attendance cards. The full service provider taking over both check for completeness of documentation, data, etc., as well as the complete collection and the payment of the Refund amount.

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