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New Terminal

The column of unexpectedly strong economic recovery remains the export, but also domestic demand has increased considerably in the last few months. Therefore, economic growth gaining breadth and strength. However, start for the coming year all research institutes already on … Continue reading

Smava Money

On technical purchases are cheap and fast financing Borrowers receive a quick online loan within a few days Germany’s leading online credit Exchange already has over 30 million euros in loans give Berlin, 22.06.2010 is nothing new that fans … Continue reading

Chancellor, Personally Teaches

Personally informed on December 16, 2009 the Board of KANANGA Advanced Composites in a letter to Chancellor Mrs. Dr. Angela Merkel turned Chancellor. With this letter, the Chancellor about the current project of the KANANGA-group was educated in Magdeburg with … Continue reading


She absorbed it all and turned into small complexes, which only grew stronger over the years and is firmly entrenched in us. The first thing that necessary to overcome the complex – is to acknowledge their existence. Must honestly admit … Continue reading