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Essen Management

Food Award for data center infrastructure management software, runner up in the category of ‘Data center product of the year’, April 19, 2011 the renowned British magazine gives their NC Awards network computing (NC) annually in various categories for hardware, … Continue reading

Insurance Domain Name

Insurance domains strengthen the marketing of insurance industry progresses the ICANN process of the introduction of new top level domains. Expected to be in the third or 4.Quartal 2012 start the registrations under the new top level domains. Interested parties … Continue reading

Monetary System

How can we develop a new system, that has appreciative? I don’t have a problem with money but because I am the problem, but because the money is the problem. We humans have created us a system for which we … Continue reading

Mobile Internet Soon Faster Than DSL

LTE promises speeds of more than 100 Mbps thanks to modern smartphones is mobile surfing on the Internet always more comfortable: the screens are large enough to display Web pages completely and the touch technology allows for easy navigation. However, … Continue reading

The Term

He says in an analysis on this topic, in a workshop of the department of management topics, a participant, that many organizations take time before the acceptance of the term knowledge society, showing that people are the “active” important. And … Continue reading

The Web 2.0 Social Networking

The change in cultural habits that make using it gives the internet has mutated since its inception. At first, the idea was to link databases of universities for the exchange of scientific information. But little by little, the whole of … Continue reading

ADSL Internet

Asymmetric Digital subscriber line, better known as DSL or ADSL for short, is a type of high speed Internet that runs over standard copper telephone lines. ADSL Internet uses a frequency band different from the voice telecommunications traffic, which allows … Continue reading

Professional Web Design

A design attractive, fascinating, functional and easy to use, is what characterizes good web design, created by designers working frantically looking for the best way of doing this.The secrets used by this group of web design professionals, have been revealed … Continue reading