Monetary System

How can we develop a new system, that has appreciative? I don’t have a problem with money but because I am the problem, but because the money is the problem. We humans have created us a system for which we are not ready. Few people are capable of money constructively to deal with. It is often used to accumulate it instead of letting it flow. As a medium of Exchange, money is instructed that people let it go, rather than to hold it. Because it is also a means to store of value and people often accumulate more material values out of fear of the future rather than to promote intangible values, accumulates the money at the bottlenecks of fear. Many people feel also worthless”without money and mine, her value as a human being would go through possession of matter. Experience shows that this is a fallacy with avarice and greed! How is it so beautiful? The last shirt has no pockets!” As people, we come naked into the world and naked go out of this world.

And in between, we have experience in the Dealing with our body, in dealing with the life and living processes. Since we are spiritual beings, whose SEELE is again incarnated in a body, the task to transfer our high intellectual development and psychological maturity to life here on Earth provides us. I look around me, shows that this has so far only very few. The number of those who seek matter and their accumulation in the industrialized nations is enormously high. Take the pollution of water, air and Earth in purchase and promote the deterioration of living relationship cultures, where people can feel themselves belong and at the same time to grow beyond a matter of course. “The crisis of the monetary system is a spiritual crisis, because the fact that people define their value on the outside instead of their inner creative wealth” and to ensure its vitality and value, they deny their spiritual / divine origin.

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