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Industry Management

The main functions of ERP-systems: maintenance and development and technological specifications that define the composition of manufactured products, as well as material resources and operations necessary for its production; development plans for sales and production; planning for materials and components, … Continue reading

Technological Education

Pablo Freire (1992) speaks on the awareness of the professor to transform the reality of the popular education: What me it finally seems impossible, today as yesterday, is to think, more than thinking, is to have one practical one of … Continue reading

How Do I Find My Job?

There are always jobs you just need to know how to find them! There are always jobs you just need to know how to find them! The dilemma: Anyone looking for a job today, which makes most likely all wrong, … Continue reading

Life on Earth

A team of researchers from the California Institute of Technology studied the mechanism that will help to ensure that any planet with living organisms will remain inhabitable for longer than originally supposed to be, the duration of its life will … Continue reading

Kaspersky Lab Attacker

The Kaspersky Lab anti-virus software developer explains what are the famous vulnerabilities and why they are considered best friends from hackers. By the same author: Steve Wozniak. The concept of vulnerability is often mentioned in connection with the security of … Continue reading

Billing Digital

As you already know, from past 1 January pro disposal officiates service of tax administration (SAT), taxpayers whose 2009 income was equal to or greater than 4 billion pesos are required to move to the digital control system. Moving to … Continue reading

IT Technology

Beginning of the xxi century was marked by rapid development of Internet and information technology. However, it is largely concerned the Western and European countries than us. In Russia, as well as earlier dating "works" only in newspapers, where their … Continue reading

Resonance Stimulation

Resonance brain stimulation. All disease is known to be inherently present regulatory phenomena – manifestation of disturbances in the body balance control energy-exchange processes. Therefore, the causative method of restoring health is targeted (based on complete and accurate diagnosis of … Continue reading