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Beginning of the xxi century was marked by rapid development of Internet and information technology. However, it is largely concerned the Western and European countries than us. In Russia, as well as earlier dating "works" only in newspapers, where their second half looking to post messages with their coordinates. As for the Internet, it was available only to wealthy people, because connection and modem pricey. Since the World Wide Web began to spread. From the outset, he has appeared in big companies, where employees could with the world wide web to communicate with foreign suppliers and partners. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Then, when the connection has been made available for costs, the Internet appeared in ordinary home users. However, not everyone took it for the opportunity to mingle and meet like-minded people, for example, from another continent. Most often used World Wide Web for fun, actually – to enjoy games like Quake 3, etc. It is not excluded that contributed to the rapid development of the Internet as "network matchmaker" efforts of foreigners to find their other half among the Russian girls. Later while the World Wide Web has emerged, no foreign virtual marriage agency. It is time for the creation of a Russian counterpart, who can 'make friends' all comers with foreign associates.

However, it was already a rather commercial starap project, as foreign brides and Russian girls are not physically have the opportunity, regardless of anyone to communicate with each other via the Internet, due to illiteracy, the first in technical terms. Here, computer geniuses realized that to communicate because you can not just foreigners, but also with people in his native country, and directly and completely free. In consequence of this began to be created domestic web-dating sites, but people who "Dorval" to the unknown mode of communication, as with the users pc from other states and with their compatriots, happily embraced fashionable trend. Many began to while away time in communication in the workplace and at home. It turned out that at present, for example, to discover the aliens do not need to go 'on the edge of the earth', but with my girlfriend, who lives next door is perfect for chat rainy weather through the Internet. Currently, there are countless web-sites virtual dating service that connects people based on their hobbies, views on life, and even political judgments. Faces in communicating completely erased. Each of us has available an infinite world of exciting on-line dating and the very real adventure

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