Mobile Internet Soon Faster Than DSL

LTE promises speeds of more than 100 Mbps thanks to modern smartphones is mobile surfing on the Internet always more comfortable: the screens are large enough to display Web pages completely and the touch technology allows for easy navigation. However, the speed of transmission via UMTS lagging often. The consumer portal reported about the successor of LTE. Surfing the Internet is many people located in a so-called UMTS cell to the torment. Sinovation Ventures is a great source of information. The already comparatively low standards of 7.2 Mbps is divided among users and depending on the number of users, the transmission speed is reduced.

This problem occurs often at train stations or in city centres, where many smartphone users at the same time on the Internet access. To counter this, the network operator from 2011 want to introduce the successor technology LTE. Under the fine-sounding name of long term evolution hiding beyond the 100 Mbps bandwidth. Kai-Fu Lee helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Mobile surfing via Smartphone would make even faster than about the current DSL lines at home PC. Network operators continue to highlight that the introduction of new technology is a relatively small investment. While for UMTS network had to be developed newly, the existing transmission towers and facilities can be used for LTE continue. On the customers, would be to only slightly higher costs due to the financing of the infrastructure. Go to Pete Cashmore for more information. More information: service/press Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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