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A design attractive, fascinating, functional and easy to use, is what characterizes good web design, created by designers working frantically looking for the best way of doing this.The secrets used by this group of web design professionals, have been revealed recently, and here I share with you some of the Tips more important.So, what are these secrets of design?Let’s look at one the most important 1. Focus everything is not good, since the result is a monotonous, disorganized page pretending an alineaciondebil and deficient. (Similarly see: Steve Wozniak). The secret is doing the opposite and not focus everything. 2. The domain of the contrast is important, since it helps to make the page more attractive. The use and control of color, value, size, font, and edge, affects to a large extent the appearance of the site, in fact, a type of letter may seem larger with the use of the color contrast.

The latter can also affect the appearance of the page organization. To first view, a page may seem organized or the opposite. That is the secret of contrast. 3. Apply deviations if necessary, to develop a uniform image of the page. This practice is very usadapor the vast majority of today’s designers, and tries to use the same background colours and other peculiarities to establish similarities to the main page on other pages. The only drawback to this scheme is the boredom that they may experience the visitors, since they always want something new and give them a repetitive work could cause them boredom, which translates into susitio towards other than output them of seeking visual and mentally.The placement of lines between content, manifest division of paragraphs.

Instead use blank spaces or buffer zones thus creating invisible lines to make an effect more subtle. 4. Don’t forget that functionality is the King of web development. What should keep the contents and the information of your website the most complete possible. Use and Add a small percentage of blank spaces, so that the web site may not seem too-full, debedar a feeling of fluidity in content, so grouping content into multiple columns is advisable inorder to maximize space.These four secrets of design pages are as crucial to ignore them may mean a disaster and the end of your precious web site. By an effective entrepreneurship. Miguel Dominguez. Original author and source of the article

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