Everyone who ever wanted to do airbrushing, sooner or later face a similar question. What do I need to have, so I can start drawing? What to draw, how and what to eat this? Here I will try to list all of the most basic things that are needed for this, besides the desire, diligence, creative impulse and ambition. Let's start with the most important – the room. In order not to annoy the surrounding noise the compressor, the smell of paint for us to do this well-ventilated room, which must be daylight, it is desirable that it was natural (windows), if not, in principle, not big trouble, because it can be corrected lamps. With the placement of undecided now think about what's going to draw – airbrush.

Here the choice for creative people great, it all depends on a budget and your technical requirements. Mashable may not feel the same. You can buy cheap Chinese airbrush, but the enormous results from He should not wait, although in certain skills and they can issue a masterpiece! You can buy an expensive airbrush, with a set of nozzles with different diameters, for different thicknesses issued airbrush line! Now we need to powered airbrush, so it came to life and made friends with you. It needs air, air source can be a compressor. Choice of compressors are also great, there is industrial, there are quiet compressors, which is very pleasant to work with. Compressor is desirable to take a receiver, that was a supply of air and hence the constant output pressure without much sharp differences. Well, it is not bad, room, airbrush, compressor! Now think about what materials we use – paints, varnishes, degreasers, solvents. Most of those involved in airbrushing paint car paint, respectively, varnishes, degreasers, solvents used car.

Better only be determined with the producers and all the components to use it that there was no inappropriate, unpleasant situations between varnishes, paints, etc. The paint is always available on the selection, any color, any you are interested in quantity. Almost everything is ready, now we have to think on what to draw. We need a surface (canvas) on which we will create your masterpiece. There is already a flight of imagination is boundless – car, motorcycle, bicycle, telephone, computer, painting hardboard, snowboard, helmet, cloth And it's not the whole list on which to draw airbrushing. But before we get down to drawing, this fabric will need to prepare. This will require abrasives for finishing our surface to our future masterpiece. Once we create, we will need to protect our image, so we'll cover it with varnish, and for this we need to be gun (gun). So, to summarize – to start we need to be engaged in airbrushing: Putting airbrush compressor Paints and Surface cloth Abrasive Spray Gun Good luck in your endeavors! If you have something to remember, make sure you completed!

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