Angel Quintanilla Ibarra

The gradual loss of readers of the printed press is obvious and editors are wondering where turn the rudder before the constant increase of the raw material and the growth of the internet and their free content. The regiomontana press is tiered from fifteen years ago in number of pages and circulation declines. Queries to various sources of movement in the entity speak of a gloomy for daily newspapers which is reflected in the stagnation of the number of pages as progresses silently, digital press with larger number of readers than any printed media. That should add the strategy of e-mail that allows a political column, for example, reaches more people than a written newspaper’s editorial. DIGITAL journalism founded more than one year ago, the Radar column that is published on the site monitorpolitico.

com reaches more than 200,000 subscribers and is day-to-day for executives, officials of Chambers, public servants, leaders trade unions, legislators and, of course, by the general public. The site grows every month visit and is already obligated consultation. It also presents a summary of the main national and local political columns. The monitorpolitico site. com is directed by journalist Angel Quintanilla Ibarra, recognized for its reliability and capacity to move forward with projects in journalism since the installation of the press, rooms writing, formation of personnel and technology in various newspapers of the country and Monterrey. Another site, unit. journalist Jose Jaime Ruiz com offers superior to a periodic printed content and also has thousands of subscribers to which invites every day, very early to find out through specialized columns, cartoonists, editorials and opinion articles. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. Another option is eldigital.

com for information on the internet that reaches thousands of mails in Monterrey with various information and interesting columns daily. It is published in the State of Chihuahua. THE enormous challenges without However, printed newspapers have huge opportunities for growth and niches that fill.

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