AnyBook Makes Wishes

Audio Digital reading pen brings each any children’s books with Mama or Grandpa’s recorded voice to life – Edukativ playful approach promotes the joy of reading and learning Munchen Feldkirchen. -Reading is one of the most beautiful and exciting activities for children of pre-school age. You love to delve into stories and learn to understand the world. Scientists agree that reading aloud is an important basis for the later language, expression and learning ability, as well as the emotional development already at the youngest. It also strengthens the visual perception, helps the education of moral and value concepts, inspired the imagination and trained the concentration.

Despite these important findings, reading aloud is often neglected and failed to comply with the wishes of the children, as demonstrated by recent studies. As a result parents of children read less than half of all only occasionally or not at all their offspring up to three years. Also in the kindergarten age are still 33 percent of children from their parents on “Reading diet” held. With the new “AnyBook” by Franklin, the specialists for handheld learning computers, is now an innovative and educational product available that fulfills wishes – even if the parents in everyday life have not always time to read. This new audio digital reading pen has to use recording and playback function simply by means of digital detection that can be used immediately without any programming or software installation. Grandparents living parents, in the distance or other dear caregivers of children read just an any book and speak it in the pen.

While the pages are provided with small stickers. They are equipped with a digital code and once the “AnyBook ‘ pen touches this label, the recording deposited for this page is played. This is enabled by the optical identification technology, which combines printed and digital media. So children can have time and again, the favorite book aloud when and where they want the familiar voice and This dip in their own little worlds of history.

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