Cancer And Cellular Phones

Telephone the telephones can cause damages the health? I see many conclusions precipitated on this subject, but nothing conclusive, in the majority of the cases the people speak without scientific basement and are much thing in air, go to try to understand a little on the subject to understand because the radiation emitted for cellular telephones and its antennas is harmless, are necessary to know some physical concepts. After to understand these slight knowledge, we will conclude for our astonishment that what some people believe to exist simply is not there, and that it is the disinformation that allows the belief of that cellular they offer risks to the health. Atoms – Everything what it exists is formed by small entities extremely called atoms. In the thickness of a hair wire we can line up about three million them! Each atom, however, is formed by still lesser particles: prtons and nutrons, that they are in a lesser region 100,000 times of what the atom () call nucleus, and the electrons, that they be situated in return of the nucleus. The electrons, that have negative electric load, are attracted by the nucleus, that is positive. The electrons, as everything in the nature, walks for the state of lesser possible energy. In the same way, the electrons look for to go for the place where its energy is lesser. How much lesser in the distance of the nucleus, minor is the energy of the electron.

The nucleus would be as the deep one of the basin. To move an electron it stops far from the nucleus, is necessary to supply energy. Inversely, when an electron if approaches to the nucleus it liberates energy until parking. But the electrons uniformly are not distributed around of the nucleus. A structure exists where they have that to incase itself. To the times, the state of lesser energy of an electron can not be in the atom where it meets, and yes in another atom.

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