Center Telecom

The system has shown itself perfectly with many years of service in the Perm TSIs (more than 700 wells in the system), the Upper Volga (Yaroslavl) and the Voronezh branch of JSC "Center Telecom", and several other communications enterprises. Attention! Earnest request, dear colleagues as possible to distinguish our devices from other manufacturers of similar products. The latter, released from 2005 to 2007 beyond the walls of our company, but with the same names, according to information from users who are not worked in the normal way any one year (even one winter), no company ties. The reason – the unfinished nature of circuit solutions, significant hardware defects, and – "wet" product. Suppliers products described in this very skillfully shift their mistakes and miscalculations on the alleged "imperfections" of the method of protection. However, this is – no more than a deceitful excuses incompetent developers. Our own company, as developer and supplier of traditional agriculture, "TSENSOR", have adopted comprehensive measures to bring USI96K D1K and that is called to mind, and this allowed us to build on their base and patent a robust and effective security system wells, a successful and stable working for over 5 years in these regions. So, short of our proposed technology address protection of the CCR. Collecting device information USI96K – is a specialized unit for covers cable wells over long distances. The device determines the status of monitored counters 96 and when the state of any of them promptly transmits the information to the dispatcher the address of the autopsy.

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