Chocolate Product

Cult, in this new strategy pra leverage of the product is a famous personality a novel actress, to propagate the image of the Chocolate in subconscious mind of the consumers, leading the purchase repetitions and fidelizando until finds loyalty to the product and to pass the traditional mouth-mouth. In meeting the company will start to work in a new perspective that is focusing the layer of the 2014 world, with the elaboration of a propaganda that 1 (one) year before the pantry will be transmitted, through the TV and Internet, to have a super international spreading of the product. Searching a global amplitude for the Chocolate Bit. Concluding this subject to have a product of success in the market in potential it is necessary to follow some important norms how much its launching, growth, maturity, saturation and decline. All production has its cycle of life, one of long stated period others of short term but it is enough to know to work on of the chance favored by the marketing team – that it locates the attributes of one definitive product in the mind of its consumers. 3? AUTOMATION the concept of automation and based through the application of techniques and softwares equipment, with the objective to increase the efficiency and to maximize the production with lesser consumption of energy. These technologies in production allow that new standards of quality are incorporated the products, at the same time where they extremely become flexible the production in the direction of make possible great variations in the products without loss of productivity, defying the classic concept of production in mass that for as much time was one of the main factors of the generation of wealth in the countries highly industrialized. Automation is a way of technology that says respect to the application of systems mechanical, electronic and computerized to operate and to control the production.

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