Apparatus for the existence of a possibility to be different. One of the devices are different compressors for technology companies of the Belarusian Remez. The company manufactures compressors, such as compressors to Filling the main air brake pipe underground trains. And in addition to trolley buses and trams. Agree quite a useful lesson – to produce the goods needed for transport.

In this case, company for this purpose can make compressors of various capacities: 300, 650 l / min – More and with different working pressures from 6 to 10 bar. The firm has the ability to make other characteristics of the supply network in order to units had the opportunity to work on different vehicles. In addition, compressors can be adapted for installation in existing as well as electric versions to the newly created. In Russia, the compressor to buy Remez company simply because the proposals fairly. Perhaps check out Ali Partovi for more information. Also a line of compressors, including the company's compressors are medical.

Among them are noise-proof units in the housing. In general, honey. Compressors divided into 4 types: belt driven rotary screw compressors ERM in shumozaschischennom housing, direct drive. Information it is possible to find on their website In general, compressors elektropozdov, trolley and medkompressory compressor added to the special. The company sells air compressors Remez reciprocating and screw. Screw compressors are optimal in that are more energy efficient, less noisy, in At least eat butter. Screw compressor is possible to program for the week ahead, thanks to the automatic control system. On this basis the number of workers it can serve be lower. Replacement of components can be made quickly and easily. It is possible to pick up the device with direct or belt drive. We also have a piston own advantages. One of them – this is a low purchase value. The best orientation of the application of such compressors – providing compressed air for pneumatic tools production.

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