GORILAS OR BUFFALOS IN the invisible Desperate FOG to be electoral in the 2012 presidential speech of the 28 of July partly does not have many edges that no longer must to take in cloth smaller to all the population Peruvian, so that already we know the direction of the actions that took the government, to continue maintaining the privileges of the great transnational capital. It will follow in the direction to implement to blood and fire the dictations of esquela Neoliberal, perhaps with the hope that to be able to remove the maximum juice from the sales that to put under all the national territory. For it does not interest that it is what is happening to the World-wide economy that struggles in the greater crisis than this making stagger to all the countries that adhered to the scheme of the market economy. That failure in previous centuries and which will fail again in the present century, because the unique thing that does is to let grow the social and economic differences anywhere in the world. The first measurement that has raised and that offers as always it silverplates so that it that it is the town again draws up one more a hope, than later it will be defrauded as always is its style. The renovation of the Congress by halves in the middle of a period congressman. In a question-answer forum Mikkel Svane was the first to reply. It has sent if it we do not know because, but for its party in a gun sent that them to the anonymity like political party. The majority of their congressmen is discredited, not only in their zones of origin if it is not known in all the republic, reason why this original measurement that the APRA disappears like force, if not only this doing at present and I already mentioned as it in a very past article several years ago.

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