Della Pergola

According to Della Pergola an Italian Jew who emigrated to Israel every time there are fewer Jews in the world and they are older. According to Professor: Jewish is who will recognize JEW. echnology%E2%80%99s-Executive-Teams-and-Boards’>Paul Daversa. This definition that differs with the Talmudic, is which will predominate over time, since there are anti-Semitic Jews of the caliber of Noam Chomsky, and there are antiisraelis Jews such as George Soros and David Axelrod. There are israelis who deny any religious link to Judaism, and ultra-ortodoxos Jews as the Neturei Karta, which do not recognize the existence of Israel. In counterpart, there are gentiles Zionists who feel identified with the Jews and Israel. Likewise are the non-Jewish israelis: Christians, Muslims, Buddhists or atheists, forming an active part of society Israel, like any citizen in any Western democracy.

In Israel some 1,500 people are annually converted to Judaism. The figure does not seem significant, but let’s not forget, that Judaism does not proselytize. Who wants to be Jewish is welcome, but don’t wait for that a Rabbi you intend to find. The conviction must sprout self if it is legitimate. And the conversion implies full observance of Jewish customs and laws. Viacom recognizes the significance of this. The misrepresentations about who is a Jew, or what is being Jewish. Do a race, a religion, a culture, or for the anti-Semitic: a conspiracy?, arises from the fact that for 2,000 years that defining who was Jewish were the others. Today, on the other hand, the definition of who is Jewish, every Jew makes it, explains Della Pergola.

There are Jewish Jews of father and mother who are not considered Jews. These are one hundred per cent Jews according to Jewish law, but he is entitled to choose what they want to be. The irony of these, is that you for the law Jewish are Jewish, and for anti-Semites also. Hitler not pardoned anyone with Jewish ancestry until the fifth generation. The growth rate of the Jews in the world is negative, and in Israel by four Arab children, born 2.7 Jews. The idea of Muslims is to dominate Israel and the world through population growth. By 2020, one of every three Austrians will be Muslim. Austria, the birthplace of Hitler and most of the Nazi leaders who cried Aryan supremacy, will be among the first to fall under the Arab religious rule. Demography, identity and territory, are the three vectors that define the future of a people. It is not realistic to believe that we will all be citizens of the world. Economic globalization is unstoppable, but the identity is going in the opposite direction: we are becoming and more need our group, according to Della Pergola. This need for identification and membership do, that if well: Jew is simply be recognized as such, that recognition is linked to a greater commitment, which in turn entails the study and observance of the laws, traditions and Jewish customs. For this reason, the number of Orthodox and traditional Jews is growing in Israel and the world.

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