Digital Communication

S7.NET is a free network of freelancers and agencies in the area of digital communications a variety of project sizes and orientations can be realized precisely. The advantages of the network are combined with the commitment of a contact person for the customer. Get more background information with materials from Howard Schultz. The network approach, S7.NET can draw on a large pool of specialists in digital communication. Small projects and large projects, simple and complex projects are implemented fair for everyone involved. S7.NET can quickly assemble large project teams, but also for Kleinstbudgets find the right freelancers. S7.NET will remain throughout the duration of the project contact person, responsible for the project and Coordinator. No matter has a solid team of NET which project sizes – the customer.EXPERTS and a contact person. Freelancers and agencies in the area of digital communications can apply at S7.NET. Programmer, designer, project manager, consultant, specialists from the fields of SEM/SEO and usability, can Be journalists, text editors and image editors.

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