Eating Fiber

Causes of constipation not drinking enough fluids, especially water. Not getting enough exercise. By the delays to go to the bathroom when you feel the need. A diet that does not contiena the right amount of foods high in fiber (beans, cereal bran fruit, raw vegetables, rice and whole grain breads). Eating too much dairy products such as milk, cheese, the yogurt, ice cream, also can cause one to have hard bowel movements.

How should a normal digestion be? A person with normal bowel movements, must have: between 2 to 3 bowel movements per day, when you ingest two or three daily comfort. The evacuation should be effortless. They must lack of odor. They should leave you with feeling of satisfaction and cleaning at the end. Constipation, overweight and obesity for illustrative purposes, we can say that when we don’t have normal bowel movements, toxic wastes accumulate, causing that will absorb poisonous substances in the body. The immediate effect is that we not only carry these toxins into our body, they also are loading physically with extra weight, which leads us to the obesity. Prevent the estitiquez symptoms of the estitiquez, include a general nuisance, and may bring consequences persist medical. The estitiquez can be prevented or corrected with a good intake of fiber and water.

If we are not having a good intake of fiber in our diet, here is a treatment that can help supplement the fiber in our diet and help us achieve a gastrointestinal health optimal. Treatment for constipation natural treatment to correct constipation problems, should be based on a good consumption of water and fiber and nutrients for the digestive system. If you want to, in the following link you can see the treatment for constipation and estitiquez.

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