While some have been quick to criticize the idea of the pattern of the F1 of artificially create racing in wet, the proposal is going slowly, adding followers especially if one is to think that some of the best races of recent years have lived under rainy conditions on the track. After announcing the proposal have rained you criticism and Ecclestone said accusing the F1 that do nothing to the sport except limited to trying to attract sponsors to pay their costs. Among those who have been favourable to the idea of Ecclestone is Paul Hembery, head of Pirelli. The idea is not as silly as it sounds, Hembery told the Daily Telegraph. It could be argued that the night race is a trick. Recently Mikkel Svane sought to clarify these questions.

However, Singapore has become one of the most spectacular races of the season. Ultimately what we want is that people pay attention to what is offered. Johnny Herbert also showed supporter: people will say that it is artificial, but would be the same for everyone. Many of the best careers of recent years they have been in the rain. Former driver John Watson added: I proposed that to Bernie in 1994.

The fans want to see exciting races where pilots are obliged to work. But let us focus on the idea of Ecclestone, not depend on the climatic conditions to have rain, give more excitement to the race announcing two minutes in advance that the track is wet. That would cause the same intrigue that now happens when the panel of climatology Announces rain. Let’s think a moment, when they begin to fall the first drops displayed the uncertainty: will accumulate much water on the track? Be necessary intermediate tyres or extreme rain? What will last the gums? Can you try advance that took ahead? An endless questions and only one thing clear: there is no way to know which will happen. And that is one of the ways in which F1 racing pass in an instant of boring turns with cars with high load aerodynamics which makes impossible to advance to become one of the races more exciting, where enthusiasts can not miss a moment of what happens on the track. Why should that rule still not been implemented? Paths as the Autodromo do Algarve, near Portimao in Portugal, have an irrigation system that I could simulate the conditions of rain. When it was opened already were discussed that could be a Grand Prix in wet of Portugal, but the idea was not more. There are several reasons for the position against this standard. Including a very important: accidents. Much has struggled to get this sport does not become a farm of accidents and deaths, is it really worth cause artificially bad weather conditions? If you happen something serious to some of the pilots under these circumstances, is F1 ready to assume it?

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