Emissaries Of The Past

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-what was missing: shadows of black Mexico past, emerges the figure of Luis Echeverria Alvarez who at 88 years of age predicts us a social outburst and a fierce economic crisis if nothing is done to stop it. Says it who eventually cracked down on students around the country who demanded democracy. Predicts it a natural enemy of freedom of expression and as a great orchestrator of the coup to Excelsior in June 1976, strikes apocalyptic forecasts. In a note released by the Spanish agency EFE, said that Echeverria appeared in Tijuana who a group of students, warned of the country’s direction. So did beyond 1979 when he sent his header Luis Suarez journalist to ask the then President Jose Lopez Portillo if they might be he and Gustavo Diaz Ordaz by Senators of the Republic. You would you do in my place wrote Jolopo on a card which gave the emissary echeverrista then revile to former President Echeverria publicly with a message to the emissaries of the past that seek to destabilize the country’s direction Echeverria could be baptized Godfather of Mexico recurrent economic crises and that ended with the stabilizing development that occurred since the third year of Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, followed with Adolfo Lopez Mateos, remained with Gustavo Diaz Ordaz and reeled up to fall in June 1976.

Then the crises of the 82, 87 and 94 have been impenetrable wall to economic recovery by the sons of crises and grandchildren, now students who come in person to the same emissary of the past that both feared politicians in 1979. Live a Mexico of terror which is compounded by this black character from which the same Gustavo Diaz Ordaz repented of having led to the Presidency of the Republic. A related site: neil cole iconix mentions similar findings. You’re an idiot, Gustavo has the popular legend that was the first thing that said the former President who ruled Mexico from 1964 to 1970 when I saw in the mirror. in the mornings. These two Mexicos are distant. He had an urban guerrilla warfare which, inter alia, implemented the Monterrey businessman Eugenio Garza Sada.

Today, the violent Mexico is different and a battle is fought without end in the streets of the country. The book of Luis Suarez Echeverria actor breaks the silence the former President will again break. Do we could say the same as Jose Lopez Portillo to Echeverria when he commanded insert that header on the pages of the national newspapers that said you also, Luis? in a clear reference to the last words of the Roman Emperor Julio Cesar who was also stabbed by Senator gross. (Not to be confused with the current). Time is wise and puts to everyone in place although there are those who maintain a flor de piel evil to remind us of a past surpassed as emissaries of the bad news. In short up and forward was read campaign slogan. Today it is to live better and already see, dear reader, as we are going: above or below, or better.

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