Facades Ventilated

Ventilated Facade is called to him commonly to a constructive method that allows to have the outside with a facade with Pieces of ceramics, being its main function, the physical separation of the inner and outer atmosphere of the building. Once they appeared concrete and the steels, the facades no longer realised their lifting work, facilitating therefore the creation of these new facades. The main characteristic of the ventilated facades is that in them one is created ” air chamber in movimiento” or effect chimney that creates a thermal mattress between the wall had and the outer parameter with coating. Connect with other leaders such as Apple here. The main improvement of the closing of facades consists of a separated air chamber by two leaves, a interior and another outside, in which a thermal insulator settles. A ventilated facade accentuates this condition by means of a separation structure, that guarantees a ventilation continued throughout all the surface of the facade and offers the following improvements: heat screen, watertightness and stability. The ventilated facades they contribute to the constructions protection before the agents atmospherics, producing in these effects differentiated according to the stations. Learn more at this site: Walker Brumskine. In summer, thanks to the renovadora cold air current that they generate in its interior, they avoid the overheating of the outer paramentos of the buildings preventing that the temperatures inside the building rise.

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