More and more chefs looking for a printed biography of their company. Every year, about five to ten percent of medium-sized companies in Germany celebrate an anniversary. The proportion of family and tradition companies is high in this country. And their decision makers know that a corporate biography is a powerful marketing tool. Due to its uniqueness, it is particularly popular as a gift. Company biographies are increasingly part of the communication strategy, it is ideal but for the external representation.

Also, they reinforce the identification of employees with their employer. In a globalized world biographies gaining more and more importance, because they show employees as customers, which history has a company, what is it and how it is rooted. It involves both values trust and credibility, which are important at the present time than ever to stand out from the competition. Can companies that don’t have a profile and are interchangeable, just low prices points often not even that. A company with a biography, however, shows profile and offer guidance for all those involved. That pays off. Company stories need to do two things: they are well-founded and extensively researched, and they guarantee an exciting read.

A professionally written biography of the company is something completely different than a boring Festschrift. It is informative, lively and entertaining at the same time. The best storyline arises from the life story of the man who founded the company and marked with their skills and their commitment. As the long-standing expertise of a company is made clear, its values, the regional rootedness and the importance as an employer and the paid contribution for the society. However, the representation will be not only past-oriented. The impact on current and future events must also adequately conveyed. To clearly set out the essence of the company, conducts interviews with the Chief of the biographer and collects information, how it all began, by the first idea to the launch into independence. The junior boss tells of the change and the changes and innovations in the company. Everything is important: successes, misadventures, cheerful and extraordinary. It is essential that the principal and his life’s work reflected in the company’s history. Additional information is available at Pete Cashmore. And the reader must feel that the book or the brochure of full of vitality and radiates the uniqueness of the company. A company biography succeeds and is finished on schedule, about the round anniversary or the farewell ceremony of the senior partner, it is important to plan early. Finally, sufficient time is required for the research, the texts, the layout of the production. In time to clarify it is also whether the company biography should appear as a book or as a booklet and may in the trade. And if all the conditions are used, the work can start. Nothing in the way is the presentation of the company’s history on the agreed date. Reader service: If you know wants, whether for him or her a biography eligible, this can determine free of charge on the Internet (www.cremer-biografien.

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