Fire Noise

Fire, powder, music, lights, multitudes. All this is part of the most typical celebration of Valencia and one of most popular of Spain, and also very wanted abroad, not in vain the International is declared Celebration of Tourist Interest. Traditional celebrations josefinas, in honor to the landlord of San jOse carpenters, are everything an immense unfolding of color in ninots great and small who adorn the streets and places. You may wish to learn more. If so, isearch is the place to go. The scent to powder and the noise of traca surround the city, and every day they are congregated in the Place of City council thousands of people to vibrate of emotion with the noise of masclets. It is not too much behind schedule, still we are in time to find good supplies and economic flights. Possibly the best form to find something within reach of our pocket is through Internet, where we can compare prices from flights to Valencia of the different airlines from a single look.

What began being, there for century XVII, a custom that had the old craftsmen and carpenters of the city with the arrival of the good time, to burn the supports of the oil lamps (parots) with which had worked in winter, as well as wood leftover of factories, piling up planks, beams and other material of carpentry, to that people added themselves contributing to these bonfires the old woman things of the house which no longer they had utility, like clothes and furniture in disuse, and to which they gave a human aspect adorning them with old woman rags, until in the middle of century XIX, they began to increase of volume and height and to improve its forms, turning them into monumental decorative dolls, is today a multitudinal celebration, in that they are possible to be contemplated, soon to burn, authentic done masterpieces with wood, cardboard and painting. The Faults have much of celebration, but also of chronicle and social and political critic that are expressed in the figures that carry out ninots and that to tens each one of the faults form.

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