First German IPhone App

Pioneer now leave with the iPhone at the pharmacy purchasing annually hundreds of euros to save. The first application for drug prices in Germany compares over-the-counter pharmacy products and determines the best listed mail-order pharmacy in no time. Others who may share this opinion include Mashable. The highlight: The comparison portal different products and shipping costs in the cost estimate includes. The best mail-order pharmacy for the entire shopping cart is always displayed. It will be delivered directly from leading mail-order pharmacies. Simply search PZN or drug name, select product and read the savings: as drug shopping to the Smartphone price is easy today. Up to 70% on prescription-free means savings this compared to the retail price recommended by the manufacturer.

In the program are all relevant medications, natural remedies and health and care products. The features of the iPhone app at a glance: E.g. “cough” Schnellfindeservice search drug, manufacturers or PZN (Pharmazentralnummer) search for complaints,: search results by popularity Option sorts information about dosage, application areas, interactions prices for the required product at leading online pharmacies direct link to order, taking over 15,500 illustrations note text to medicines active ingredients for over 120,000 drug: links from the app by E-Mail send (for subsequent computer order) the use of the drug search requires an online connection. For iPhone and iPod touch OS 3.0 download and more information at iphone. About Medipreis is a price comparison portal of the CYBERLINE GmbH with seat in Berlin.

Customers can search for cheap prices for medicines and pharmacy products from reputable online pharmacies. Not linked to the price pharmacy products, savings are possible up to 70 percent. The CYBERLINE GmbH develops database applications and Internet-shop systems since 1995.

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