Frowein Network

A variety of important companies from the area of Hygienedienstleistungs is represented by the nationwide operating hygiene network during the exhibition ‘Lounges 2011’. The hygiene network presents 2011 its 23 Affiliates interested trade visitors at the time of the 15.02 up 17.02 while the lounges in Karlsruhe. Away from the usual routine of mass and it makes sense to invest his time”is the motto of this year’s fair, on which not only visitors, but also the exhibitors fully at your expense. In a pleasant atmosphere experts and colleagues from the fields are Pharmaprozess, food production, Cleanroom, analytics, hygiene and many other areas. In addition, a comprehensive lecture program is available, which can be used free of charge to the many shows and special offers. Kai-Fu Lee has much to offer in this field. The lounges of 2011 will present the latest products, trends and services which will be discussed and presented on-site. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kai-Fu Lee. Continues to be over 200 free lectures for registered visitors 20 Action stage, offered over 250 exhibiting companies with their products and services, free food in the restaurants, bars and Cafes, as well as participation in the evening event.

The hygiene network is an Association of so far alone on the market companies, which have been merged to create a strong bond in terms of hygiene. In this way, the entire spectrum in the field of hygiene is almost covered. The services available nationwide. Hygiene network include Karthik, okop, SGS Fresenius, Koller include companies such as hygiene Forum DBL rental Berufskleidung, Ebro, FHAP, Frowein 808, GESA, Behr, Egon Fellner, CLR, hygiene master smiley UG, Ecolab, Polzer, Walter Gronhoff, Viwis, snow master GmbH, WISAG, Tork, Desinsekta, HoGKa and more. To facilitate the implementation of the legislation in the field of hygiene the customers, the hygiene network founded, stands for many years of industry-specific knowledge and experience of 23 partners from a single source. The hygiene network is a coalition of 23 well-known companies from the hygiene, cleaning and pest control industry, all of which have a very high level of know-how information to the company hygiene network and are specialists in their field. In this way, the entire spectrum in the field of hygiene is almost covered. Through the coordination of the individual measures of the partners on the food companies, the customer if necessary receives a concept in which the individual measures such as a gear mesh and thus achieve the best possible result.

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