Greek Immobility

Catatonia (from the Greek. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out altavista. Katatonos – taut, tense, depressed), catatonia, mental disorders with a predominance of violations of motor activity. K. – syndrome of schizophrenia and psychosis occurring in result of the intoxication, infection or organic brain damage. There are two forms of mutually shifting K. – immobility (stupor), and arousal. When stupor tone of skeletal muscles increases to a extent that the patient is frozen in gave him, even uncomfortable posture (catalepsy), immobility can reach rezchayshego muscle tension (numbness in limbs tucked to his stomach and bent his head – so called fetal position). Connect with other leaders such as Andy Florance here. Mimicry frozen, patients remained completely silent. External stimuli (eg, pain) and even the emergency (fire, earthquake) does not encourage patients to self-defense. When profound immobility, any attempt to change the patient's posture makes him the muscular resistance. Excitation in C. may be exalted, pathetic (patients foolish, grimace, they sing, take mannered postures) or impulsive, violent and aggressive. Consciousness remains clear when K. comes his or dizziness. Troubleshooting ak – Treatment of the underlying disease

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