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The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) from USA and last year warned: “Although there are hundreds of thousands of people that cause this problem, most of the spam comes from a small group of them.” The names and aliases of hackers have been included in the Spamhaus list after that, least three Internet providers have stopped their shipments. At the head of the classification is a Ukrainian. Use the alias Alex Blood, Alexander Mosh, AlekseyB and Alex Polyak, although none of them responds, possibly, his true identity (Alex Polyakov is the name of a Soviet spy on the novel by John Le Carre The Mole). The number two Russian-American Leo Kuvayev, nicknamed BadCow. We are two Americans, a group of Russians, an Israeli, a Canadian and Hong Kong. In the EU and the U.S., spam is illegal. In Spain, e-mail without permission from the recipient is expressly forbidden by Law of Services of the Information Society (LSSI), 2002.

But these pirate networks and countries change very often, and take advantage of the lax rules of such states as Russia or China and tax havens. Above all, take advantage of poor international cooperation. According to last year recognized the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), “the law will not stop by itself, to spammers who want to get benefits.” And it is good business. It is true that the responsiveness of the Internet is very small, only 15 people per million corresponds to a spam. But spammers can get to send a million emails in less than an hour, so the profitability that take the push of a button is very high, and immediate. Criminals get a variable percentage of each subscription or sale. The most popular products are drugs (36%), financial (19%) and pornography (14%), as reported by security company Ipswitch.

Where offenders are email addresses? They do not need extensive knowledge of technology but, rather, psychological. Directions collect personal websites and blogs, message trap where an email request to achieve a free sample and strings of jokes that users forwarded to their friends without hide the email addresses of others. Once collected, the spammer sends the advertisement or by using a single e-mail or through different addresses and servers. But criminals are perfecting their techniques and are beginning to use computers of their victims. The idea is to penetrate the PC connected to the Internet that are not properly protected and used as zombies that forward mail to the orders of the offender. Experts estimate that 40% of spam and is sent using this technique.

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