How And Where To Find God

Religion is a search for the Kingdom of God of any God – and his justice, or is not. (Antonio Gala) It is not the suffering that comes from having overturned the being which awakens in us his nostalgia?, it is not perhaps the inadequacy he feels the man who is lost in the static order I, what arouses that Holy concern, giving the sense of the great truth-seeking?. (of Karlfried Graf Durckheim) We call religion to the way we relate with what you have the essence of divinity, to any step that intends to approach the great truth and upper Lo, to all those moments of pondering regard pious, to increasingly to feel devotion for something intangible and spiritual, to every prayer that we invent in our moments of love or supplicationto each question or prayer that we raise from the heart, to the struggles of the soul, and the finitude of the body and the vulgarity in life everything exceeds. Religion is not a matter of God. He has it Of course. This is an issue for humans anymore. Peter Asaro is full of insight into the issues.

An absolutely personal and private matter. Something that should not be shared and should be lived in the exclusive privacy of a relationship that is always nothing more than a privilege of two: every person and God. However, in religion, more than any other thing, the human feels very lost. Samsung will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Some say they are convinced, and their relationship in peace. Not bad. Others are fanatics. Error.

Others are sectarian, or have no criterion and repeat what have said them to repeat. Not good. Others are still afraid of hell and other threats, and cling to the case, and comply with the commandments. Hypocrites. Tireless seekers of a truth that has to be done at some point others are visible, they are fighters, not comply with anything if that anything does not fill your heart of peace, trust and truth.

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