Journal Russian Literature

In 1801 the throne ascended the Emperor Alexander I and, after an era of despotism Paul I's public life somewhat rejuvenated. In the court uttered aloud liberal ideas, and the position of the press and literature improves. Magazines and almanacs becomes more and they are divided into two main areas: educational liberal and conservative monarchy. The most striking phenomenon among the Russian media first decade of the 19 th century was a new magazine Karamzin's Vestnik Evropy (1802-1830 years). Magazine wore conservative, but it appeared department "policy". Karamzin himself led the department, highlighting the latest international news, which, as news and domestic policy, coverage in accordance with the liberal views of Alexander I – the publication required humane treatment of the serfs and landlords denounced the cruelty, but the status of nobility is not questioned. With the departure of Karamzin magazine in 1803, "Bulletin of Europe has lost its originality and has become dry literary magazine, defended the position of classicism. By the liberal educational publications of that time include "Scroll of the Muses," Journal Russian Literature "and" periodical "which had been exclusively literary and short-lived.

During the War of 1812 the total number of publications decreased, but appeared a bright magazine Son fatherland ", issued by ni Grech. It first came news from the war theater, articles about the war, published devoted to the war fable ia Krylov, drawings and caricatures of military subjects. Neil cole is open to suggestions. Another notable publication that time was Decembrist Almanac "Polar Star" (1823-1825), edited by aa and kf Ryleev.

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