Lakeside Real Estate in Italy

Is an area of 370 square kilometers Italy’s largest lake, Lake Garda. The relatively young lake came into existence only with the retreat of glaciers in the last ice age. Before about 20,000 years ago was over almost the entire region of Lombardy a thick sheet of ice. Details can be found by clicking or emailing the administrator. The lake is a kind a welcome legacy of the Ice Age. Between the Alps and the Po Valley area, about 65 m above sea level, they divide three provinces of Trento, Verona and Brescia called the 50 km-long Garda or Benaco.

The south wind made up of several small wind forms, which will unite at the level between Gargnano and Brenzone “Ora called. This benefits not only surfers.

It provides for an engaging summer acting Mediterranean climate. The beautiful flowering landscape around the lake shows with cedars, olive trees, cypresses, agave, prickly pears and caper always at its best. The lemon groves are cultivated mainly just for the tourists. Even if this is the idyllic sometimes to complicated, is it always so beautiful.

Therefore you are not irritate them as a tourist and enjoy in the form of Italian flair. The north is mainly for its wine and wine festivals held annually in autumn and the East and South for its olive trees known.

The northern sea area looks like a Norwegian fjord while the southern shore of Lake Garda has narrowed rather flat in the direction of the Po plain of a gentle hill landscape. Lake Garda is worth a trip in any case. And of course you can always ask for cheap hotel rates without any obligation, rental car or check online at offers.

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