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However, as in everything of bad that it happens we can remove good lies, the great learning of this time for the organizations was the vision of the necessity of if reducing costs, to increase the quality and to improve its products, searching with these requirements bigger competitiveness and for consequence one better reposicionamento in the market. This directly takes in them to think about the System of Management of Production of an organization, that goes of this the conception of the product until its disponibilizao for sales. Inside of this SGP it is logically the System of Management of the Quality, what it conducts all the manufacture, in the direction to minimize costs and to maximize quality, disponibilizando for the market, the product in the form that the consumer desires thus it. Crosby and Peter Drucker very possess a similar definition for quality, where they say that ' ' quality is everything what the customer waits to receive in a product or servio' '. For more specific information, check out Kai-Fu Lee. As the quality is defined by the purchaser (or buyer of the service) soon, to satisfy its necessities, to adjust and to surpass its expectations, nothing more are that to provide product quality or offered service. This perception of quality, this necessity of market, the proper SGQ, not they are new features nowadays, therefore Juran, Taguchi, Ishikawa, Deming are vises have very spread out for great gurus of the quality (, Fergembaum, amongst others), however many organizations in searches of great profits insist on being unaware of. One of the forms of if guaranteeing this SGQ is carrying through auditorships inside of the organizations, what it brings I obtain the guarantee of the referring process to the offered end item in the market. The auditorship is not an event that finishes to the end of its execution, that is, it is not concluded exactly in itself.

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