Market Property Valuation

At this time, an independent assessment of the property remains one of the most popular types of assessment activities included the identification of the market value of the property or individual rights with respect to appraised the property, such as lease rights, rights of use, etc. In the modern world, apart from cases of compulsory assessment increases the need for property valuation in general. Often, real estate it is obvious to the owners or potential investors. But, after an independent valuation expert, it can be significantly rynochnayastoimost adjusted. To determine this fair value and assessment of real estate.

The need to evaluate commercial real estate appears in the following cases: The alienation or leasing, loans secured by real estate, income, making profitable real estate as a contribution to the charter capital of enterprises, revaluation of fixed assets of enterprises, production for the balance of outstanding facilities, the resolution of property disputes, the establishment of razmeera damage assessment damage from the Gulf, fire and other operations associated with the implementation of property rights to real property, income generation. How is the assessment of income property? In carrying out profitable real estate used The three main approaches to the assessment: comparative, cost, profitable. In a section of the comparative approach used method of comparing the sales, based on the principle of substitution. In other words, the method has at its base assumption that the sensible buyer in real estate for sale do not pay an amount greater than that for which you can buy similar quality and fitness facility. The income approach is based on the notion that the value of the property, income depends on the revenue opportunities that can be removed by the owner from the ownership of the object. In the cost approach based on the principle of substitution, whereby no investor will pay for the property, the income amount greater than that in which the construction cost of similar quality facility without undue delay. The result of determining the market value of commercial property is a generalization of the results of calculations of assessment methods.

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