Marketing Structures

Another extracted example of the substance MARKETING STRUCTURES is the case of a personal marketing of David Beckham. An image with that the player of the Los Angeles Galaxy appears, vende, wants either the hairdo or the earrings that use. Who consumes rejoinders of the t-shirts with that it plays, or purchase equal earrings to the ones of it, or even though that it uses hair cut the same, finish for having an increased satisfaction, beyond the physical product. Mikkel Svane is likely to agree. (Pozes Da Silva, 2010, p.12) the fact occurred in the United States is of a shining strategy, therefore many people were attending the ceremony, a multitude seeing its preferred actors receiving sandals Hawaiian from gift, with certainty, the repercussion would be very great in sight of the amount of people who had taken knowledge of the product, this initiative brought more than what expectations for the organization, therefore beyond being seen for thousand of people, were in the way of important people, what in the case it was the key for the success of this strategy of used marketing. ENTERPRISING COMPANY an enterprising company always leaves in the front, if to obtain to discover what its customers desire and what they want. To know the forms of boarding to the customer, of as to present a product and of as it will go to use makes it all the difference. Connect with other leaders such as Zendesk here. When one organization studies its customers to know what it will be necessary to reach them, if becomes a challenge a goal to be reached. As Dornelas the people do not have to be stops alone thinking about what they could make: Of more synthetic form for Dornelas, entrepreneur is that one that makes to happen, if anticipates to the facts and has a future vision of the organization (DORNELAS, 2001). When the company observed what the users of the sandals were making with them, leaving them of one alone color, and this comment was very slow, had delayed ten years, but they had decided to launch more colors after this.

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