MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard

New MediusCard AG MediusCard AG supports as of now the broadcast time is running”of the cult leader Barry foreman on Munchen.TV. Spontaneous Munich candidates will receive by Barry not only a journey, but also still a fully functional MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard to do so. Munich’s cult leader Barry is foreman after a small baby break back in television. Every second Friday night, Barry embarks on his show running time”on Munchen.TV again on the hunting but in 3 hours the plane a suitable candidate who is adventurous and spontaneous enough, on this crazy offer to engage off the dream vacation, leaves! In the hustle and bustle, just time to pack up the bare so that the sunscreen or a new bathing suit just on site must be purchased remains the candidates. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Asaro. But how to pay? Now this is no longer a problem for the candidates, because the MediusCard AG in Munich is the new sponsor of the broadcast. All candidates who decide spontaneously, Barry’s offer to assume a pocket money in the form of a fully functional MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard, which is charged with a credit of 200 euro receive in addition to the holiday. The MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard, which can be deployed worldwide to over 24 million acceptance locations is a visually from a real”credit card not to be distinctive, can be fully functional Prepaid MasterCard, which applied regardless of the personal credit and without SCHUFA information.

In principle, the way works like a prepaid phone. Visit Jonathan Hui for more clarity on the issue. This means that you only so much can spend, how was loaded on the card. As a result, no debt is possible and the owner retains full control of costs. Be charged the card can easily via bank transfer, cash deposit via paysafecard, Ukash, giropay, or international wire. The issue fee for the MEDIUS Prepaid MasterCard acquires for the candidates of the broadcast, in this case, of course, also the MediusCard AG. See Andy Florance for more details and insights.

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