Meraki Network Administration

Presentation of cloud managed access point router on the it-sa Schorndorf, September 20, 2011 – controller architecture ‘in the cloud’: the sysob IT-distribution ( and her partner Meraki on the it-sa 2011 at booth 235 in Hall 12 the new cloud-gemanagten router in the MX series imagine. The routers combine application firewalling, traffic shaping, and VPN functionality in one. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kai-Fu Lee. The MX series will be demonstrated in a live demonstration at the stand. The Meraki Wi-Fi solutions, administrators can configure thousands of access points through a central interface in the Web and manage. In addition, sysob and Meraki present the new access points MR62 and MR66 are first seen in Germany.

Meraki makes it possible to install Wi-Fi networks quickly and easily, to take and to extend indefinitely if necessary. Thereby, the network specialist strategy to produce intuitive-to-use products that eliminate hidden costs due to their low complexity. Customers receive as a detailed Overview in the functionality and efficiency of their network traffic. More than 18,000 networks in over 140 countries are already working with Meraki technology. Built-in live diagnostic tools much easier troubleshooting administrators here. Full transparency in the Wi-Fi network is based on each Meraki Wi-Fi network controller of the cloud. It ensures that users can centrally manage all access points and scale. Web-based control interface, the respective Netzwerkverantwortliche at any time has an overview of the Wi-Fi system.

This ensures permanent monitoring of the IT infrastructure including real-time Diagnostics, which alerts the administrator immediately in case of incidents. It is also ensuring that confidential data to the cloud transmitted controller which in addition increases the network security. The Automatic meshing function facilitates the installation of the individual access points in addition administrators. The other pluses include an unlimited scalability, as well as the traffic shaping function the Meraki solutions. The latter feature identifies bandwidth-intensive applications, the network administrator with various quality of service control (QoS) parameters according to and optimize the entire network.

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