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99% Of the companies do not know how to take advantage of Twitter, one of the tools of Social Media more powerful to do internet marketing. Here are some ideas to take advantage of Twitter as a Marketing tool: Feedback Loop you can use Twitter as a tool to know and to have continuous feedback of your followers, your customers, potential customers, etc. Surveys polls and votes are a very powerful, very effective way to get valuable information for your company. make Twitter lets you, very simple and free, so do surveys and collect important information for your company. Support and attention to speed, immediacy and speed customer makes many people contact the company via Twitter. Even multinational very large are starting to use Twitter to provide support and offer a channel rather than help to your customers or potential customers to answer questions or to resolve any problems they may have.

Twitter for businesses is a great information source. Strengthen your brand Twitter you will allow to put your Mark ahead of a lot of people for a long time. Continuously you can be sending messages provided that they provide value. In this way you strengthen your brand presence. Promote your products and services Twitter can also serve you to promote products and services. You must be careful with this, since the nature of social network that has Twitter, makes people feel attacked if you try to do very direct promotions or very direct sales. issue. Leads generation, Twitter can help you to create a list of potential customers with whom you can communicate at the time that you want.

Public relations important journalists, major bloggers use Twitter continuously.Twitter, at this moment, is a channel by which access more easily available to such people, that den has your company exists. Distribution of news and content. Twitter has been consolidating as the best platform for distributing content.It is the best place to share your blog posts, by the viral ability that has Twitter. Networking professional Twitter is Super for Networking Professional, to meet professionals within its market, within his professional field, even to establish partnership relations with partners, collaborators via Twitter, and much more. Generate traffic as result of share your content on Twitter, this is going to generate a lot of traffic to your website. Traffic will grow exponentially as your list of followers increases.

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