New World System

They must make of the Cause of the Peace object of general consultation and try by all means to its reach to establish an union of the nations of the world. They must conclude one treat irrevocable one and establish an accord whose provisionses are ss, inviolable and defined ‘ well; ‘ 8 ‘ ‘ It is for this goal – the goal of a New World-wide, divine in origin, of unrestricted scope, equitable Order in its principles, and of challenging characteristics – that the afflicted humanity must direct its esforos.’ ‘ It stops: ‘ ‘ To effect a transformation in the entire character of the humanity, a transformation that if reveals external in such a way as internally and that it affects as much the interior life as the exterior conditions. ‘ ‘ 8 ‘ ‘ The goal for which the unifying force of the life impels the humanity is world-wide a federal system, who will conduct all the land, exerting an unquestioned authority, harmonizing and incorporating the ideals of East and West, frees of it afflicts of the war and its sad consequences, strengtheing itself for using to advantage all the existing power plants in the surface of the planet – a system where the force subordinates it justia.’ ‘ 2 Administrative Order Delineated by Bah’ u’ llh the administrative order of the Faith Bah’ i is an administrative system delineated by Bah’ u’ llh and established by its interpreters. Each city has the Assembly Local Spiritual, that is responsible the administrative one for the subjects of the Faith Bah’ i in the city.. formation. .

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