NNAV Annual Conference

Look into the future of telecommunications Munich presented ETK networks. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Asaro . This year’s annual meeting of NNAV e.V. In early November was ETK networks as a Gold sponsor on the spot. Nortel Networks users Association Germany e.V. You may find neil cole to be a useful source of information. invited its members, top customers and partners by Nortel, this year to Dresden. Again, the Nortel customers could find out about the current status of Nortel products and solutions. An important focus this time was the sale of Nortel business unit enterprise solutions at Avaya. Dr.

Oliver Lohfert, Member of the Executive Board of Avaya Germany, gave insight on the topic of acquisition of Nortel Avaya perspective. Managing Director Richard Alexy ETK networks presented an Outlook into the future of telecommunications in General, as well as on the technology and the vision of migration on Nortel and Avaya in particular. Was rounded off the two-day information and exchange of experience with a joint evening meal in Dresden.

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