People In Our Lives

The people who pass for our life, each one have a special skill She has those that pass and in they only give protection to them with the look, we feel in them so well close to them that she is enough to feel its presence. Others in say the certain word to them in the hour where everything he seems wrong, and she is this the word that as much we had searched, but an angel to assoprar it was necessaryour ear. Those exist that exactly distant in them pass an inexplicable energy, can be the thousand of kilometers of distance, but when appearing in oursscreen is magical simple ' ' Ol' ' already it makes to smile our heart It has those that when writing we have the impression ofto say the language of the angels, and they are angels who know accurately what we desire to read They lull to sleep in them, they cheer in them and they show in them that pra everything has solution more than this, we perceive that for the friendship it does not have limits. For the heart it does not have distance, only the emotion of living and knowing that you exist EWALD KOCH. (Source: altavista).

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